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ACLU of Kentucky


  • Abolition of the Death Penalty Advocacy

    60% of those sentenced to die in the Commonwealth have had their sentences overturned because of problems at the trial court level. Our death penalty system is far too broken to fix. Repeal is the only permanent answer. Click to learn more.

  • Criminal Justice Reform

    We need common sense alternatives to unnecessary incarceration for low level offenses. We need to update our laws at the front-end through sentencing reform and supporting reintegration efforts like earned parole at the back-end. Click above to learn more.

  • LGBT Rights Advocacy

    It's time for statewide Fairness protections in Kentucky to insure that no one is discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or gender identity in housing, employment, or public accommodations.

  • Other Civil Liberties Legislation

    Our work on the state level touches many other issues, from privacy protections to legalization of medical marijuana. Find out more about bills of interest in the 2017 General Assembly. Click above to learn more.

  • Reproductive Freedom Advocacy

    The decision to become a parent is a big one. Kentuckians are the best ones to make that decision for themselves, in consultation with their families and their doctors, not their state lawmakers.

  • Voting Rights Advocacy

    Thousands of Kentuckians have permanently lost their right to vote because of a felony conviction. Kentucky is one of a handful of states that permanently bars everyone who has ever received any felony conviction from voting. Click above to learn more.