Brittany Harris


Advocacy Intern


Advocacy Department


she, her, hers

Brittany Harris is a full-time student in Spalding University’s Social Work Program and works as an Advocacy Intern with the ACLU. She is also employed by Wild Eggs and has been waiting tables for 6 years. During her time waitressing, she also held positions as assistant staff at The Healing Place, a maintenance position at The Healing Place, and as an office manager at The Kidz Club. These two places both serve populations that are directly impacted by issues the ACLU works to fight against.

She became interested in policy and advocacy work after volunteering with Smart Justice Advocates and The Smart on Crime coalition. Since she is a directly impacted person, she was motivated to tell her story and break stigma surrounding substance abuse and incarceration. While volunteering, she experienced what it meant to fight for freedom, and has had a passion for it ever since. The wins and the losses Brittany has seen while watching the ACLU, she has gained hope that equity for all is achievable, and wants to be a part of the work.

Brittany resides in Louisville, but her roots reach back to Versailles, Kentucky. Outside of her professional life she loves exploring Kentucky on day trips and playing guitar.