This anti-abortion bill was sidelined by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Lawmakers will make bills like this a priority for the next legislative session.

HB370 is one of many bills that directly target abortion providers. Bills like HB370 impose burdensome regulations on providers that are politically-motivated, often impossible to comply with, and do not make anyone safer or healthier.

HB370's requirements have no basis in science or medicine. Like other health-care providers, abortion clinics already follow state-regulated procedures for the safe and appropriate handling of all forms of biological tissue. These laws are known as 'TRAP laws," or targeted regulations on abortion providers.

The ultimate goal of bills like HB370 is to force abortion providers to close their doors and make abortion completely inaccessible to all Kentuckians. The government should never have the authority to force a person to remain pregnant against their will.


Bill Movement:

  • Introduced: 2/3/20
  • Passed House Committee: 3/4/20
  • Passed House: N/A
  • Accepted by Senate: N/A
  • Passed Senate Committee: N/A
  • Passed Senate: N/A
  • Sent to Governor: N/A




2020 General Assembly

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