House Bill 7 will help communities provide people with the resources to successfully treat substance use disorder.

HB7 will create the Advisory Council for Recovery Ready Communities to help all counties provide the services their communities need. Advocates successfully persuaded lawmakers to include people with personal experiences related to substance use disorder and recovery on the council.

We wish the final version had included provisions for analyzing race in substance use disorder treatment, but we're looking forward to working with stakeholders to ensure that work happens on the ground.

House Bill 7 will make Kentucky healthier, reduce incarceration rates, and strengthen Kentucky's families and economy.

Bill Movement:

  • Pre-filed: 12/3/20
  • Introduced: 1/5/21
  • Passed House Committee: 2/3/21
  • Passed House: 2/9/21 (Vote: 91-1)
  • Accepted by Senate: 2/9/21
  • Passed Senate Committee: 2/25/21
  • Passed Senate with amendment: 3/2/21 (Vote: 36-0)
  • Final version approved in House: 3/5/21 (Vote: 89-5) 
  • Delivered to Governor: 3/11/21
  • Signed into law by Governor: 3/23/21


A. Bowling




2021 General Assembly

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