House Bill 91 would permanently change the Kentucky Constitution to ban abortion. It would also enshrine an existing law prohibiting insurance companies from covering abortion.

House Bill 91 is a politically-motivated attempt to make abortion completely inaccessible in Kentucky. The government should never have the authority to force someone to remain pregnant against their will.

House Bill 91 passed the House and Senate. It now goes to the voters to decide in 2022. If a majority of voters support this extreme measure, it will be adopted. Proposed amendments to the Kentucky Constitution only need to be passed by the House and Senate to appear on ballots. They do not require any approval from the Governor and the Governor is not able to stop them.

Bill Movement

  • Pre-filed: 11/18/20
  • Introduced: 1/05/21
  • Passed House Committee: 2/11/21
  • Passed House: 2/25/21 (Vote: 76-20)
  • Accepted by Senate: 2/26/21
  • Passed Senate Committee: 3/15/21
  • Passed Senate: 3/30/21 (Vote: 32-6)


J. Fischer, L. Bechler, J. Blanton, C. Fugate, D. Hale, K. King, D. Lewis, M. Lockett, P. Pratt, B. Reed, S. Sheldon




2021 General Assembly

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