Drag performances aren't "lewd" and don't "weaken public morality." Gender expression is protected by the First Amendment, and banning gender expression through drag performances is unconstitutional.

Senate Bill 115 places drag performances in the same category as adult arcades, adult bookstores, and escort agencies, calling them "lewd," "obscene," and "harmful to minors." This bill aims to eliminate drag performances within 1,000 feet of schools, parks, childcare centers, homes, and more, and would effectively end drag performances at all 25 Pride festivals across the state.

Drag shows have been sources of entertainment in America for decades, and lawmakers can't police gender expression.

Bill Movement:

  • Introduced: 2/14/23
  • Passed Committee: N/A
  • Passed House or Senate: N/A
  • Accepted by House or Senate: N/A
  • Passed Committee: N/A
  • Passed House or Senate: N/A
  • Sent to Governor: N/A
  • Action by Governor: N/A


2023 General Assembly

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