A constitutional convention would open the US Constitution up to unpredictable changes that could risk our fundamental civil rights and liberties.

If 34 states pass resolutions like this, Congress must call a convention under Article V of the US Constitution. It would be the first constitutional convention since the founding meeting in 1787; all 27 prior amendments to the Constitution were enacted by the method of congressional passage followed by state ratification. Unlike the process to amend the US Constitution, a convention would open the door to changes no person can fully predict.

While a convention is being promoted as an opportunity to improve governmental structure, anything and everything we hold dear in terms of our protections and freedoms could all be changed. While the content of these resolutions pertains to certain issues, a constitutional convention could spill into other areas.

This dangerous proporsal could throw the country into chaos and jeopardize the US Constitution.

Bill Movement:

  • Introduced: N/A
  • Passed Committee: N/A
  • Passed House or Senate: N/A
  • Accepted by House or Senate: N/A
  • Passed Committee: N/A
  • Passed House or Senate: N/A
  • Sent to Governor: N/A
  • Action by Governor: N/A


2023 General Assembly