Voting is a right, not a privilege. All eligible Kentuckians should be able to register to vote on Election Day. 

Same-day voter registration would expand access to the ballot box and increase voter turnout without compromising election security by simplifying the process of voting.

Allowing registration and voting on the same day reduces the logistical hurdles associated with voting by simplifying a two-step process into a single trip to a polling location. It also allows voters to update or correct their registrations on Election Day, which prevents the disenfranchisement of those who have recently moved or who have been erroneously purged from the rolls. And perhaps most significantly, voter interest is at its highest once voting has commenced; same-day registration capitalizes on that interest to bring new voters into the process.

Additionally, the consensus among political scientists is that same-day registration boosts turnout by two to 10 percentage points, with particularly strong gains among historically lower-turnout or disenfranchised groups like young, lower-income, and Black voters. These groups have historically been silenced by unnecessary requirements that make it more difficult to vote.

Bill Movement:

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2023 General Assembly