The ACLU of Kentucky is seeking individuals interested in serving on the Board of Directors. The Nominations Committee seeks candidates who are dedicated to the ACLU mission and willing to dedicate their time, talents and resources to help the ACLU of Kentucky achieve its mission and priorities.

The ACLU of Kentucky seeks potential board members that reflect the diversity of our state. Priority areas include, but are not limited to: individuals with expertise in finance, information technology, human resources, and fundraising; individuals who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, cisgender, or transgender; individuals from ethnic or racial minorities groups; individuals with disabilities; and other groups that represent the diversity of our state.

Among the Board responsibilities and requirements are: 1) monitor progress toward goals; 2) develop, review and approve policies and budgets; 3) ensure adequate resources; 4) enhance the ACLU’s public image; 5) ensure compliance with legal, ethical, and financial standards; 6) monitor and evaluate programs and services; 7) support the Executive Director and provide a performance review; 8) attend 6 board meetings a year including the Annual Meeting; 9) participate on one board committee; 10) make a financial contribution according to one’s ability; and 11) be a member of the ACLU.

The terms for board members are three years with the opportunity for a second term.  Elections will be held at the Annual Meeting in April 2019.

Nominations should include the following information:  1) nominee name; 2) nominee email address and telephone number; 3) brief description of nominee’s qualifications (profession, community involvement, ACLU involvement (if applicable)); 4) nominator’s name, email address and telephone number; 5) high resolution digital headshot; and 6) a short bio and statement on why nominee wishes to serve on the ACLU of Kentucky Board of Directors.

Please note that a nomination does not ensure that a nominee will be selected as a candidate to run for election. Submit nominations by January 31, 2019 to: Angela Singla, ACLU of KY, 325 West Main Street, Suite 2210, Louisville, KY, 40202 or by email to with “Board Nominee” in the subject line.

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