Senate Bill 11 will enhance criminal penalties and create new felonies for renters convicted of property damage. 

SB 11 will expand the criminal legal system and put further burden our clogged court system. Landlords already have legal processes to recoup damages from renters and it is already a felony for people to purposefully damage more than $1,000 worth of rental property. Senate Bill 11 will allow landlords to exploit and intimidate vulnerable tenants and increase rates of incarceration and homelessness. This bill is entirely unnecessary and is particularly cruel to pass during a pandemic, when losing one's housing would be especially dangerous. 

Bill Movement:

  • Introduced: 1/5/21
  • Passed Senate Committee: 1/12/21
  • Passed Senate: 2/3/21 (Vote: 28-8)
  • Accepted by House: 2/4/21
  • Passed House Committee: 3/3/21
  • Passed House with amendment: 3/5/21 (Vote: 75-17)
  • Passed Senate with House amendment: 3/11/21 (Vote: 26-6)
  • Delivered to Governor: 3/12/21
  • Vetoed by Governor: 3/24/21
  • Action by General Assembly (Lawmakers can override a veto with a constitutional majority of 51 votes in the House and 20 votes in the Senate)
    • Veto overridden in Senate: 3/29/21 (Vote: 28-8)
    • Veto overridden in House: 3/29/21 (Vote: 74-18)


J. Schickel, R. Girdler, R. Mills




2021 General Assembly

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