No child should face discrimination or be excluded simply for being themselves.

SB150 has been updated to include the language from the omnibus anti-trans bill, HB470. The bill was rushed through committee, passed the House, and is awating concurrence from the Senate.

All students deserve to be able to attend school without fear of harassment or bullying, particularly those who are already marginalized. Senate Bill 150 would dissuade teachers from using a student's correct pronouns. SB150 is a thinly veiled attack on LGBTQ youth that supporters claim will increase parental rights.

Being intentionally called by the wrong name and pronouns is more than just mean-spirited – it can create an untenable learning environment for any student. Transgender and nonbinary students report greater rates of harassment and targeted bullying, leading to increased rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide. We should be working to make school a safe and validating place safer for all students.

Ask lawmakers to support trans kids

Bill Movement:

  • Introduced: 2/8/23
  • Passed Committee: 2/9/23
  • Recommited to Education: 2/16/23
  • Accepted by House: 3/16/23
  • Passed Committee: 3/16/23
  • Passed House: 3/16/23
  • Concurrence in the Senate: N/A
  • Sent to Governor: N/A
  • Action by Governor: N/A


Max Wise




2023 General Assembly

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