Senate Bill 80 will help hold law enforcement accountable by making it easier to decertify officers for inappropriate actions. 

SB80 will make it easier to revoke a law enforcement officer's certification if they act inappropriately, such as using excessive force. It will also allow law enforcement agencies hiring a person to view the applicant's past personnel records from other agencies. This provision will help agencies avoid hiring an officer who was fired from another agency for misconduct. 

Senate Bill 80 is one small piece of the puzzle in reimagining the role of police in public safety and holding law enforcement accountable to the people they are sworn to protect and serve. 

Bill Movement:

  • Introduced: 1/6/21
  • Passed Senate Committee: 2/4/21
  • Passed Senate: 2/11/21 (Vote: 28-0)
  • Accepted by House: 2/22/21
  • Passed House Committee: 3/3/21
  • Passed House with amendment: 3/12/21 (Vote: 91-0)
  • Final passage in Senate with amendment: 3/16/21 (Vote: 33-0)
  • Delivered to Governor: 3/16/21
  • Signed into law by Governor: 3/22/21


D. Carroll, C. Embry Jr., M. Nemes, D. Yates




2021 General Assembly

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