Senate Bill 9 has nothing to do with how abortion care actually works and is based on false claims. It unnecessarily places politicians into the exam room. If Senate Bill 9 becomes law, obstetricians and pediatricians would be forced to deviate from their best medical judgment and administer futile and painful treatment against the wishes of the patients, under the threat of criminal or civil litigation. SB9 is one of many bills targeting abortion providers with the goal of forcing them to close their doors. The government should never have the authority to force someone to remain pregnant against their will.

Bill Movement

  • Introduced: 1/13/20
  • Passed Senate Committee: 1/23/20
  • Passed Senate: 1/27/20
  • Accepted by House: 1/27/20
  • Passed House Committee:
  • Passed House:
  • Sent to Governor:




2020 General Assembly

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