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  1. Felony Expungement Expansion, Lower Fee

    February 22, 2018LegislationJustice Reform
  2. Ending the use of Conversion Therapy

    January 25, 2018LegislationLGBT Rights
  3. Officer Shooting Review Board

    November 29, 2018Legislation
  4. Tracking Arrests Under Criminal Gang Statuets

    November 29, 2018LegislationJustice Reform
  5. Racial Impact Assessments-Senate

    November 29, 2018Legislation
  6. Early Voting

    February 8, 2018LegislationVoting Rights
  7. Paid Maternity Leave

    January 21, 2018LegislationReproductive Freedom Project
  8. Reporting of medication abortion & "Abortion Reversal"

    January 8, 2019LegislationReproductive Freedom Project
  9. Free Speech on Campus-House

    February 10, 2019Legislation
  10. Day of Prayer for Kentucky Students

    February 11, 2019Legislation


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