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  1. Racial Impact Assessments-Senate

    November 29, 2018Legislation
  2. Officer Shooting Review Board

    November 29, 2018Legislation
  3. Ending the Tampon Tax

    November 30, 2018Legislation
  4. Pregnant Workers Act

    November 30, 2018LegislationReproductive Freedom Project
  5. Tracking Arrests Under Criminal Gang Statuets

    November 29, 2018LegislationJustice Reform
  6. Ending the Diaper Tax

    November 30, 2018Legislation
  7. Abolishing the Death Penalty for those with Serious Mental Illness

    November 30, 2018LegislationAbolition of the Death Penalty
  8. Anti-Immigrant Legislation

    November 30, 2018LegislationImmigrants' Rights
  9. Addiction Prevention, Recovery, and Enforcement Fund

    November 30, 2018LegislationJustice Reform
  10. "In God We Trust" Motto in Public Schools

    November 30, 2018Legislation


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