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  1. Marijuana Law Reform

    January 7, 2016News update
  2. Use of Electronic Media

    January 11, 2016News update
  3. Regulation of Social Media Posts

    January 15, 2016News update
  4. Anti-abortion SB4 Passes Out of Committee

    January 13, 2016News update
  5. Anti-Abortion SB7 Passes Senate Committee, Heads to Senate Floor

    January 21, 2016News update
  6. ACLU of Kentucky Opposes So-Called “Student Expression” Bill

    January 28, 2016News update
  7. Anti-abortion SB4 Passes KY House 92-3

    January 28, 2016News update
  8. Anti-abortion SB4 Heads to Governor's Desk

    February 1, 2016News updateReproductive Freedom Project
  9. Senate Cmte. hears testimony on bill that would alter marriage licenses

    February 10, 2016News update
  10. Unconstitutional Ultrasound Bill Headed to full Senate

    February 11, 2016News update