The 2022 legislative session starts in just 6 weeks – the time at which many Kentucky politicians want to ban abortion care and before many people know they're pregnant. Join us for 6 weeks of actions to help us fend off these unconstitutional and dangerous attacks on abortion care.

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Week 1: A Personal Look – video from ACLU-KY Policy Strategist Jackie McGranahan (December 1)

Decisions about pregnancy can be complicated and are deeply personal. They should be left to patients and their healthcare providers, not politicians. Watch Jackie's video at the top of the page. Click below to email lawmakers urging them to protect access to abortion care in Kentucky.

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Week 2: Meet other advocates and see how you can get involved (December 6)

The Kentucky General Assembly is the legislative branch in Kentucky and is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. The General Assembly meets at the beginning of every year. Many lawmakers say they are influenced by meetings and conversations they have with the people they represent. Join ACLU-KY Campaign Coordinator Heather Ayer along with other supporters of reproductive freedom on Monday, December 6, 2021, to chat about why we support abortion access in Kentucky, brainstorm ideas for actions during the 2022 legislative session, and create a stronger community of advocates.



Week 3: See how you can influence the Kentucky General Assembly (December 13)

Join ACLU-KY Campaign Coordinator Heather Ayer on December 13, 2021, to learn about meeting with lawmakers during the 2022 legislative session. Every year, we help Kentuckians connect with lawmakers so they can learn how their decisions affect our lives.



Week 4: Spread the Word (December 20)

We'll release a new profile frame so you can help us spread the word and grow the coalition of Kentuckians who support reproductive freedom.


Week 5: Support a Broad Coalition (December 27)

The fight to protect access to abortion care requires a wide coalition of partners. Help us spread the word about the other Kentucky organizations.


Week 6: Start of 2022 Legislative Session (January 3)

Sign up for mini-lobby days to join us to meet with legislators and fill out our petitions demanding lawmakers protect access to abortion care.