Kentucky's state capitol building

Kentucky's Constiution requires the General Assembly to meet in Frankfort every year on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in January. In even-numbered years, there are not more than 60 legislative days.  The session is required to end no later than April 15.

The legislature consists of a House of Representatives and a Senate. Each bill that becomes law must be approved by both chambers. Kentucky has a part-time citizen legislature with members from diverese backgrounds and communities.  All 138 members serve year-round as legislators, representing constituents, helping them solve problems, and studying new ideas.  

When the legislature is in session, and during the interim period, the ACLU of Kentucky is at the capitol to protect the constitutional rights and civil liberties of all Kentuckians.  Either independently or with our partners of various and diverse coalitions, we work to protect civil liberties by supporting, altering, or defeating legislation that would threaten those civil liberties.

You can take action NOW on a number of our priority issue areas.  Click the links below to email your legislators:

Support Abortion Access

Support Anti-Discrimination Fairness Protections for LGBT Kentuckians

Support Smart Justice Reform

Support the Pregnant Workers Act

Oppose Attempts to Use Religion to Discriminate

Support Restoration of Voting Rights


Filter Legislation

Justice Reform

We support this legislation that is projected to increase public safety and reduce the prison population by almost 3,500 beds from the projected level, averting 78% of the projected growth in the next 10 years and saving over $335 million in state corrections costs through 2027.

February 20, 2018 Justice Reform

Ban the Box-Senate

We support legislaton that would allow people with records to apply for jobs and receive an offer of employment before being required to disclose criminal history. 

February 20, 2018 Justice Reform

LGBT Discrimination

We oppose HB372. Religious freedom is a fundamental value, and one that is protected in our Constitution. But it doesn’t give anyone the right to discriminate or harm other people. 

February 16, 2018 LGBT Rights

Felony Expungement

We support legislation that would expand felony expungement and lower the filing fees for expungement applications

February 15, 2018 Justice Reform

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