Every day, pregnant people across our country face the deeply personal decision of whether to continue their pregnancies. Each pregnancy and person’s circumstances are different -- some people have a healthy and desired pregnancy, some have a pregnancy that is unplanned, and some have severe health conditions that modern medicine cannot fix.

Bills like SB9 perpetuate myths and lies about abortion care, the patients who receive this care, and the doctors who provide this care. SB9 is another anti-abortion bill that reveals the consistent strategy of anti-abortion politicians. Bills like SB9 build on each other and chip at abortion access bit by bit to push abortion completely out of reach. The ACLU of Kentucky opposes SB9 and sent a letter of opposition to members of the Senate Veteran Military Affairs and Public Protections Committee.

Read the letter in the PDF below.


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Call the Legislative Message Line
  • Call between 7am and 9pm and leave a message telling lawmakers to vote no on SB9. It only takes a minute and you don't even have to know your legislators' names. Be prepared to share your address so operators can direct your message to the right office. If you've already called, call again.