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T Benicio Gonzales is committed to improving the lives of all Kentuckians, and is an experienced activist and organizer who focuses on racial justice, immigrants' rights, and queer liberation. T is dedicated to furthering the impact of public and organizational policies and initiatives designed to advance equity by addressing the root causes of injustice and systems of oppression, especially systemic racism and classism. T joined the staff as Deputy Director in 2024, and previously served on its Board of Directors from 2014-2020. Prior to joining the staff, T served the residents of Louisville as the Director of the Center for Health Equity.

T was born and raised in Texas and has called Louisville, Kentucky, home since 2006. T is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Louisville School of Public Health & Information Science in the Department of Health Management and System Science. T's research interests include how organizations define, practice, and measure the effectiveness of their health equity and racial equity strategies. T is a graduate of the University of Houston where T earned a Master of Social Work with a policy concentration. T holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas. Outside of work, you can find T sewing, crafting, and floating at the quarry during the summer.