The Kentucky Smart on Crime Coalition is made up of well-established Kentucky business, economic, faith-based and civil rights organizations. It is led by a council that meets regularly and is responsible for developing a legislative agenda, managing communications and developing an annual workplan. Kentucky Smart on Crime is a broad based coalition working for common sense justice reforms that enhance public safety, strengthen communities and promote cost effective sentencing alternatives.  Its members are: ACLU of Kentucky, Catholic Conference of Kentucky, Kentucky Council of Churches, Kentucky Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Kentucky Center for Economic Policy, Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Kentucky Youth Advocates. 

The Kentucky Smart on Crime Coalition pushes legislative reforms to support common sense alternatives to unnecessary incarceration for low level offenses. We need to update our laws at the front-end through sentencing reform and supporting reintegration efforts like earned parole at the back-end. We are working toward smart on crime policies that strengthen public safety.