Text Bank for Incarcerated Kentuckians (Part 3)

February 25, 2021 @ 6:30 pm
@ 8:30 pm

The Kentucky General Assembly is in full swing. Help us reach out to Kentuckians asking them to urge their legislators to support Dignity Bill Part 2 (Senate Bill 84).

SB 84 has already passed the Senate and we need your help to get it through the House. SB 84 would provide pregnant Kentuckians who are incarcerated with the resources they need to have safe and healthy pregnancies.

Text banking is like phone banking, but you do not use your phone or phone number. We have an online platform that's free, easy to use, and is NOT connected to your phone or any personal information. You will need access to a computer or tablet to use the texting platform. We'll show you how to use it before starting the text bank.

What is Dignity Bill Part 2?

Senate Bill 84 would establish appropriate standards of care for pregnant incarcerated people by:

  • Providing 6 weeks of post-partum care
  • Ending solitary confinement during pregnancy and in the post-partum period
  • Expanding pregnancy medical release to include substance use disorder treatment in the same facility in which the person is incarcerated so it can be readily accessed
  • Requiring the Department of Corrections to gather and publish on the Legislative Research Council’s website data on solitary confinement, including the person’s age, gender, ethnicity, reason for being placed in solitary, and date in/date out
  • Providing social workers who can work with incarcerated people to determine care for their infant and develop a reunification plan 

Learn more about Dignity Bill Part 2 and the other bills we are tracking this session here.