The ACLU of Kentucky has been an ally from the very beginning of the LGBT rights movement in KY, working towards a society in which all individuals enjoy the basic rights of equality, privacy and personal autonomy, and freedom of expression and association. This means an America where people can live openly without discrimination; where there is respect for our identities, relationships and families; and where there’s fair treatment in employment, schools, housing, public places, health care and government programs.

Our relationships and roles within the local LGBT rights community have progressed alongside the LGBT rights movement itself. We were the first organization to raise HIV awareness in the Commonwealth in the early 1980’s, worked along other Fairness organizations to win local non-discrimination ordinances, became a notable partner during the 2004 anti-marriage amendment campaign and are currently collaborating with other groups working on LGBT rights in Kentucky as a partner in the Fairness Coalition. The Fairness Coalition consists of the ACLU of Kentucky, The Fairness Campaign, The Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, and Lexington Fairness.

Our primary focus is to win passage of legislation that extends protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity within the Kentucky Civil Rights statute. In building a foundation for this legislation to pass we are aiding communities in enacting local non-discrimination ordinances, assisting universities and cities in authorizing domestic partner benefits, and developing legislative strategy around LGBT adoption, transgender rights, anti-bullying efforts and other areas as appropriate.


As the grassroots movement for Fairness in Kentucky grows, national media is paying attention. Here are a few of our favorite pieces that highlight fairness as a Kentucky value.

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If you’d like to work to protect and expand the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals in Kentucky contact us at Or take action yourself by utilizing the downloadable LGBT resource materials below that will allow you to make the case for Fairness in your daily life.

In addition to these resources on anti-discrimination ordinances, we also have resources available on a number of LGBT rights issues including Transgender rights. We are available to do Know Your Rights presentations on a range of LGBT rights issues for your organization or business. To learn more, email us.

View Fairness Coalition television commercials developed to aid local advocacy efforts

Additional Community Resources are available from our LGBT Rights Allies