House Bill 178 create new sections of KRS Chapter 411 to establish a cause of action for a person who was wrongfully convicted of a felony in the Commonwealth and establishes the wrongful conviction compensation fund.

About 4 percent of convictions nationally are wrongful convictions. Black Americans are seven times more likely than white Americans to be falsely convicted of a crime.

If HB 178 passes, Kentucky will join 38 other states and the District of Columbia in providing compensation to the wrongfully convicted.

Bill Movement:

Introduced: 1/8/24

Passed Committee: 1/18/24

Passed House: N/A

Accepted by Senate: N/A

Passed Committee: N/A

Passed Senate: N/A

Sent to Governor: N/A

Action by Governor: N/A


J. Nemes, K. Banta, D. Bentley, J. Blanton, K. Bratcher, L. Burke, J. Decker, S. Doan, D. Elliott, T. Huff, K. Moser, S. Rawlings




Kentucky General Assembly 2024

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