Public schools aren't churches.

House Bill 96 requires Kentucky public schools to begin each school day with a moment of silence. This bill is a thinly veiled attempt at requiring prayer in public schools. The government shouldn't dictate what teachers and students are doing in their classrooms. This bill will only exacerbate feelings of exclusion and feelings of intimidation and potential uncomfortableness for kids who don’t necessarily want to pray. 

Bill Movement:

Introduced: 1/3/24

Passed Committee: 1/30/24

Passed House: 1/31/24

Accepted by Senate: 2/1/24

Passed Committee: N/A

Passed Senate: N/A

Sent to Governor: N/A

Action by Governor: N/A



D. Fister, D. Bentley, J. Hodgson, K. King


Passed House


Kentucky General Assembly 2024

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