Decisions about pregnancy are personal and can be complicated. The best person to make that decision is the pregnant person themselves.

This legislation stands in the way of pregnant Kentuckians and their families doing what is best for themselves. These bills are often known as "gag rules" because they prohibit healthcare providers from sharing medically accurate and relevant information with patients. It would limit the information healthcare professionals can share with patients – regardless of the circumstances of their pregnancy – if those healthcare providers receive any public dollars.

Kentuckians need access to all medically accurate and appropriate information to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Gag rules put politicians between healthcare providers and their patients, and make it difficult for some providers to uphold their oath to "first, do no harm."

Some laws enacted in recent years have limited fact-based conversations in a variety of settings, and the ACLU of Kentucky will staunchly oppose any further efforts to restrict patient information and the freedom of Kentuckians to freely discuss and learn about their options with their healthcare providers. Politicians never belong in the privacy of a medical appointment.


2023 General Assembly