Senate Bill 6 says students and employees of postsecondary educational institutions won't be penalized for refusing to support or endorse and "divisive concepts," (now called discriminatory concepts) and that anyone who is penalized has a cause of action against that instutition between $1,000 and $100,000 per violation. The bill also requires the job duties of any individual employed in a DEI role to include the "promotion of intellectual diversity."

Anti-DEI bills like SB 6 ignore the realities of racism and bigotry in our nation and have no place in society.  

Bill Movement:

Introduced: 1/2/24

Passed Committee: N/A

Passed Senate: N/A

Accepted by House: N/A

Passed Committee: N/A

Passed Senate: N/A

Sent to Governor: N/A

Action by Governor: N/A



M. Wilson, G. Boswell, D. Douglas, S. Meredith, R. Mills, D. Thayer, L. Tichenor, P. Wheeler, M. Wise




Kentucky General Assembly 2024

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