As the 2024 Kentucky General Assembly comes to a close, we're asking Gov. Beshear to veto three bills that are unconstitutional or erode Kentuckians' civil liberties.

The 60-day 2024 legislative session is nearly over, and as bills are making their way to Gov. Beshear's desk for consideration, we're asking him to veto HB 5, HB 804, and SB 20. Read more about these bills below and read our full veto letters at the bottom of this page.

House Bill 5

House Bill 5, also known as the "Safer" Kentucky Act (or the "Suffer" Kentucky Act, depending on who you ask), is a massive and complex piece of legislation that makes sweeping changes to Kentucky's penal code, like requiring longer and harsher sentences for certain crimes and criminalizing homelessness by banning street camping. 

Despite some positive changes to the bill, HB 5 is still based on failed, disproven, tough-on-crime approaches that aren't backed by data or evidence and will only contribute to Kentucky's existing mass incarceration crisis. 

House Bill 804

House Bill 804 is, in practice and principle, no different than Senate Bill 126 from last session, which was unequivocally struck down as unconstitutional by the Kentucky Supreme Court earlier this year in Arkk Properties, LLC v. Cameron.

If HB 804 is enacted, it will almost certainly face the same fate. We urge Gov. Beshear to veto this bill to avoid unnecessary and costly litigation.

Senate Bill 20

Senate Bill 20 creates an automatic transfer rule for children to be tried as an adult if certain factors are present in the alleged offense. Research shows trying children as adults doesn't increase public safety, and actually increases the chances they will commit more offenses in the future.

Kentucky’s children need investments in community programs, education, and access to mental health providers, not harsher punishments.

Call the Governor

We need your help to make sure these bills don't become laws in Kentucky. Call Gov. Beshear's office at 502-564-2611 and tell him to veto HB 5, HB 804, and SB 20.

You can also fill out this form to send an email asking Gov. Beshear to veto HB 5.