Adovcates for reproductive freedom rallied against abortion restrictions in downtown Louisville. Credit: Samuel Crankshaw, ACLU of Kentucky Foundation, September, 2021.

Kentuckians need your support to access abortion. Join us to support the direct service organizations that can help people with transportation, lodging, medical expenses, interpretation, and more.

Kentucky Health Justice Network (KHJN) and A Fund, Inc. both provide direct support services to people seeking abortions. Both assist people with expenses and navigating the healthcare system. KHJN can also provide interpretation services.

With abortion care under threat and already difficult to access, supporting direct service organizations is as important as ever. Click the links below to support KHJN and A Fund, and share this page with your friends.

Donate to KHJN

When donating to KHJN, you can designate your gift to the "Abortion Support Fund" on the donation page.

Donate to A Fund

Why donate to abortion support funds?

It's already difficult to access abortion care in Kentucky. There are only two clinics in the entire state, and both are in Louisville. That can mean traveling hundreds of miles for some people. Additionally, Kentucky law requires patients have a medically-unnecessary virtual or in-person visit with their provider 24 hours before they can receive an abortion. Extra visits can require more time off work and more lodging for people who must travel. On top of that, 60% of people who get an abortion already have families. Traveling for multiple days can require these families to pay for childcare, miss work, and lose wages. Last, it is illegal for private insurance companies and public assistance programs to cover any medical expenses related to abortion care. These layered expenses disproportionately harm the most vulnerable people because 75% of people who seek abortion care live at or below the poverty line.

Are you seeking abortion care?

Abortion care remains legal in Kentucky and people can still access that care up to 22 weeks in Kentucky. Click below to learn more about getting an abortion in Kentucky.

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