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May 12, 2022

Credit: hermosawave / iStockPhoto

ACLU of Kentucky Foundation releases 2022 judicial election guide

The ACLU of Kentucky Foundation released the results of a 2022 questionnaire for judicial candidates in primary election races in Jefferson and Fayette Counties. The questionnaire, developed by the ACLU-KY legal team, gauges judicial candidates’ views on topics such as self-representation in court, how to best manage the backlog of cases due to COVID-19, police misconduct, and more.

Judicial races often go unnoticed but are crucial to reforming our broken criminal legal system. These judges can reduce incarceration rates, help people seek treatment for substance use disorders, keep children out of adult prisons, and more. However, they can also make these problems even worse by increasing incarceration and denying people the support and rehabilitation they really need.

The responses (and non-responses) to this survey have been compiled and shared with the public so they can learn about the candidates and make informed decisions. 24 of 33 candidates responded to the questionnaire by the May 12 deadline.

The ACLU of Kentucky Foundation is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization and does not endorse candidates or encourage people to vote for any particular candidates. The information gathered in this survey is used only to give the public information on the many judicial candidates running in this year’s primary election.

Read the responses on our website here.