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March 15, 2023

Lawmakers today passed an amended version of Senate Bill 150, an omnibus anti-trans bill aimed at LGBTQ children and adolescents in Kentucky. The bill, which contains many of the original provisions of HB 470, was rushed to the House floor after a hasty committee hearing where trans Kentuckians begged and pleaded for their lives, and access to critical care for trans youth. SB 150 encompasses a host of new laws that are among the most extreme anti-trans attacks in the United States. 

“The ACLU of Kentucky remains committed to protecting the civil liberties of ALL Kentuckians. Legislators cannot erase transgender people from existence, and we will continue to fight for equal rights and equal protection under the law,” said Amber Duke, interim executive director. “This dangerous bill and others like it across the country are nothing more than a desperate attempt to score political points by targeting people who simply want to live their lives. True democracy requires meaningful and informed debate and engagement from the public. The shameful process on display in the Kentucky House undermines the public trust in government.” 

ACLU-KY policy strategists and attorneys will continue to analyze the final version of the bill. If this unconstitutional measure becomes law, our legal team stands ready to see the commonwealth in court.