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February 4, 2020

“Despite the many challenges our Commonwealth faces, the Kentucky Senate has prioritized and passed legislation that will separate Kentucky families.

Senate Bill 1 is dangerous and could have sweeping consequences for all Kentuckians.  The bill requires law enforcement to blindly carry out requests by federal immigration authorities, turning local control on its head and leaving counties responsible for any constitutional violations. The bill also requires employees of public agencies (those that get at least 25% of their funds from the government) to use their “best efforts” to support immigration enforcement.  While the bill was amended to exclude employees of domestic violence shelters and sexual assault centers, it includes state social workers, employees of homeless shelters, university security personnel, and many others. The provisions of Senate Bill 1 are cruel and vague. 

Senate Bill 1 will lead to racial profiling and intimidation of Black and Brown Kentuckians. The bill’s sponsor shared in committee last week that there has already been confusion around the bill. He said the confusion caused at least one official to call him to ask when they would have to start ‘rounding up and arresting’ undocumented Kentuckians.

Kentucky faces many challenges and Senate Bill 1 does nothing to address any of them. We urge all Kentuckians to contact their representatives in the House to ask them to stop this bill in its tracks.”