If you only have time to call about a few bills, here's a list of what we're watching closely this week. There are more bills this week because several new bills were recently filed.

Calling the Legislative Message Line is one of the most effective ways to share your opinion with lawmakers. It only takes a minute and you don't even have to know your legislators' names. The message is line is open 7 a.m. - 9 p.m. EST, Monday - Thursday, and 7 a.m. - 6 p.m. EST on Friday. Learn more about calling here.

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  • HB617 - Alternative to Marsy's Law that would not permanently change the Kentucky Constitution, would protect due process, and would actually help victims.
  • HB563 - Gives discretion to adjust punishments for people with multiple felony convictions. There is currently no discretion, creating some of the harshest penalties in the entire country. 
  • SB154 - Bans the use of the death penalty against people with severe mental illness.​​​​​​​
  • SB235 - Gives juries the discretion to adjust punishments to better fit a crime when sentencing guidelines are too harsh.
  • HB552 - Requires law enforcement to consider all other alternatives before putting a probationer or parolee back in jail or prison.


  • SB90 - Allows any healthcare worker to deny care for any reason that violates their 'conscience.' This could range from a pharmacist refusing to fill a prescription for birth control, to a receptionist refusing to schedule an appointment for an LGBTQ person.
  • HB67 - Amends the Kentucky Constitution to ban abortion and prohibit insurance providers from covering the procedure.
  • SB1, Family Separation Bill - Bill that would tear Kentucky families apart, force some public employees to enforce federal immigration law, undermine local law enforcement, and expose counties to costly lawsuits.
  • SB15, Marsy's Law - Permanently changes the Kentucky Constitution, undermine due process and doing nothing to help victims of crime.
  • HB370, HB451, and SB9 - Targets abortion providers with regulations that are politically-motivated, burdensome, and do not improve patient safety. These are known as TRAP laws (Targeted Regulations on Abortion Providers).
  • SB62 - Permanently changes Kentucky's Constitution to restore voting rights to only some people with past convictions and require additional waiting periods for those whose rights are restored.
  • SB143 - Blurs line between church and state by directing every school district to establish a moment of silence at the commencement of each day in all public schools.
  • HB557 - Expands powers of school resource officers - who are already required to be armed with a firearm - to go beyond school facilities.