Let's Talk About Sex Part II: Sex Work is Work

September 27, 2022 @ 6:00 pm 7:30 pm

Join the ACLU of Kentucky’s Breaking Barriers Council to learn about the legal, health, and societal issues around sex work in America.

There are problematic and harmful stigmas around sex work and the Breaking Barriers Council wants to address that head on. Join panelists and other interested Kentuckians to learn what sex work is, discuss the value of labor, stand in solidarity with sex workers, and see how you can get engaged in the fight to decriminalize, and ultimately legalize, sex work so people can do this work safely and without societal shame.

A raffle will be drawn at the end of event for an attendee to win a gift basket!

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  • Noah Zazanis 
  • Makayla Montoya-Fraizer
  • Amira Bryant
  • Kay Moss

The Breaking Barriers Council is a group of experts and advocates from around Kentucky working to reduce racial disparities in maternal and infant health and improve outcomes for all Kentuckians. Learn more about the council here.