Mass Story Lab Comes to Louisville

April 16, 2018 @ 9:00 am 12:00 pm

Working together, we can make Louisville Metro a safer and healthier city for children and families of people who are incarcerated.

We know that mass incarceration impacts thousands of families in Louisville, because Kentucky has the second highest rate in the nation of children who have or have had incarcerated parents.  We invite you, as a valued community leader, to join us in an interactive program to begin addressing the needs of children and families of people who are incarcerated in our community.

Our Families, Our Freedom led by Mass Story Lab of New York City, will highlight the lived experiences of Louisvillians directly impacted by mass incarceration telling their stories. The storytellers are formerly incarcerated or detained or have incarcerated family members. Their stories will inspire and ground discussions of how we can make Louisville safer and fairer for children and families with incarcerated loved ones. You can learn more about the Mass Story Lab process here.

As a community leader, you can help build support for these children and families in Louisville.  Mass Story Lab has traveled to ten cities, demonstrating how the narratives of people directly impacted by mass incarceration can be instruments of justice. Here in Louisville, we need your expertise and commitment to hear these stories by those most affected, so we can collectively design a process for change. 

Sponsors of these events are: 2nd Chances, ACLU of KY, KY African American Heritage Center, Create Forward, KFTC - Jefferson County Chapter, LSURJ, McNary Group, Mijente, New Legacy, Office for Safe & Healthy Neighborhoods, Public Square Media, Speed Museum and Cinema, The Bail Project, and The Special Project.

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