Maternal health is a human right. That's why we support House Bill 10, also known as the "Momnibus" bill.

The United States has the highest maternal mortality rates among wealthy nations, and Kentucky has some of the worst birth outcomes in the US. Therefore, Kentucky is at the forefront of the global maternal mortality crisis. Black Kentuckians are especially at risk — they are 4x more likely to die during or after childbirth than their white counterparts. One study from the Kentucky Cabinet of Health and Family Services showed 91 percent of maternal deaths in 2019 were preventable.  

Pregnancy is already risky, and Kentucky’s abortion bans will only exacerbate poor maternal health outcomes here, especially for Black and brown Kentuckians. All Kentuckians deserve birth equity. It's time to end the maternal health crisis in Kentucky. 

House Bill 10:

  • adds pregnancy to the list of qualifying life events for the purpose of health insurance coverage;
  • provides mental health consultation and access to care through the Lifeline for Moms Psychiatry Access Program, Kentucky has received a $750,000 grant to start this program, but Rep. Moser said she will also make a budget request to ensure the program's sustainability;
  • expands the HANDS program to include lactation counseling and assistance, education on safe sleep, research on the role of doulas in the birth experience, and to include telehealth services;
  • strengthens an existing advisory council to provide ongoing policy guidance to increase collaboration, improve maternal health data collection, and suggest additional improvements. 

Bill Movement:

Introduced: 1/17/24

Passed Committee: 2/8/24

Passed House: N/A

Accepted by Senate: N/A

Passed Committee: N/A

Passed Senate: N/A

Sent to Governor: N/A

Action by Governor: N/A


K. Moser, N. Tate, D. Bentley, T. Bojanowski, L. Burke, E. Callaway, J. Decker, S. Dietz, R. Duvall, K. Fleming, M. Hart, K. King, A. Neighbors, R. Raymer, J. Raymond, T. Smith, S. Stalker, C. Stevenson, L. Willner, N. Wilson, S. Witten


K. Moser




Kentucky General Assembly 2024

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