Last year, we received several reports from voters across the state that poll workers and clerks were unclear about wether people could vote in person after requesting an absentee ballot.

Last year, the ACLU-KY legal team received several reports from voters who properly requested absentee ballots, then decided to vote in person on election day. On election day, voters received mixed messages from poll workers and clerks about whether, and under what circumstances, they may be permitted to cast a ballot in-person. These reports came from voters across Fayette, Boone, Warren, Kenton, and Jefferson counties.

That's why we wrote a letter to the State Board of Elections requesting they provide county clerks and poll workers with clearer guidance for eligible voters who arrive at a polling location on election day without having first cancelled their absentee ballots. 

Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy, and every vote matters. We'll always fight to ensure everyone is able to fully exercise their right to vote.

Read a full PDF of our letter below.