The Kentucky Senate’s Veterans, Military Affairs, and Public Protection Committee sent a piece of legislation to the full Senate for a vote aimed at restricting the reproductive rights of women in the commonwealth.

SB4, the so-called “informed consent” measure, mandates an “in person” counseling session between a woman and her medical provider 24 hours before an abortion.

Derek Selznick, American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky Reproductive Freedom Project Director, had this comment:

“Certain lawmakers are once again attempting to restrict the rights of women through legislation interfering with decisions regarding reproductive health. SB4 isn’t “informed consent,” it is a forced delay to access safe and legal abortions, creating needless obstacles for women, especially burdening those that live outside of Louisville and Lexington where the commonwealth’s two clinics are located. Kentucky women have been permitted to use telemedicine for these procedures since March 2001. No reason or evidence has been presented to show these regulations are inadequate or need to be changed. The ACLU of Kentucky will continue to oppose all legislative efforts that interfere in personal, private medical decisions that are best left to a woman and her doctor.”

TAKE ACTION, email your legislators and ask for a "No" vote on SB4.