The Board of Directors and staff of the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky (ACLU-KY) would like to extend our deepest condolences to the family of Suzanne Kling Post. Suzy was an indomitable spirit who spent a lifetime speaking out against injustice in every form.

Suzy’s uncle, Arthur Kling, sought the charter to establish the ACLU-KY in 1955 and Suzy would become involved as a young woman, shortly after returning from Berkeley, where she attended college.

In her decades-long career with the ACLU-KY, Suzy served as a board member, board chair, and executive director. She started the Reproductive Freedom Project (RFP) and brought life back to the ACLU-KY organization after a period of it being nearly inactive.

She worked with Ruth Bader Ginsburg at the national level to make women’s issues a priority for the ACLU, and then continued to do so at the local level when she became executive director of the ACLU-KY.  Post’s passion for social justice work was consistent in her life from the beginning.  “I loved it,” she said on the occasion of the ACLU-KY’s 60th anniversary in 2015, “It’s a wonderful feeling to know that your life has mattered.”

ACLU-KY Executive Director Michael Aldridge recounts that on a recent visit she continued to ask for a job.

“I’d have lunch with her and she’d ask me to have her meet with donors or to set up a public speaking opportunity.  She was restless and relentless, never one to sit on the sidelines when people’s lives were being systematically destroyed in broad daylight,” said Aldridge. “I’ll remember her as a great mentor who wasn’t afraid to tell me when she felt I was off track, and for that, I will be forever indebted,” he added.

The ACLU-KY will soon dedicate the Suzy K. Post Community Meeting room in her honor at their Louisville office.

The ACLU-KY is appreciative of donations made in honor of Suzy Post. A donation in memory of Suzy is a wonderful tribute to honor her passion for justice and to continue her legacy by supporting the work of the ACLU of KY. Online donations can be made using this form.