We SUPPORT HB260 and SB172 because no Kentucky mother should be forced to choose between her job and health/safety.  Without a law requiring employers to provide reasonable accommodations to expectant and new mothers, many are faced with such a choice.

To avoid situations where, for instance, a pregnant store clerk either compromises her health by lifting heavy boxes or is put on unpaid leave or fired for not doing so, Kentucky can require employers to make temporary requested accommodations. For instance, a reprieve from lifting over 20 pounds – so long as it doesn’t cause an undue burden on the employer – can help keep mothers healthy, safe and employed. 

The Pregnant Workers Rights Act would extend the same accommodations already provided to workers with disabilities in KRS 344.030-040 “to employees affected by pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions.” Examples include more frequent bathroom breaks, the ability to carry a water bottle, temporary light duty, and the space and time to express breast milk