The following statement can be attributed to ACLU-KY Legal Fellow Aaron Tucek regarding the COVID-19 outbreak at Green River Correctional Complex:  

The new information about the scope of the COVID-19 outbreak at the Green River Correctional Complex is shocking, but not surprising. While it is a positive step that the Department of Corrections will finally medically isolate people who test positive for COVID-19--had DOC taken this very reasonable measure weeks ago, Green River may not be facing such a serious outbreak. Our thoughts are with the 309 COVID-19 positive incarcerated people and Green River staff members, particularly the four that are currently hospitalized. We hope for their full recovery from this disease.

The situation at Green River Correctional Complex could be repeated in jailsprisons, and detention centers across the commonwealth. While some steps have been taken, we continue to call on Governor Beshear, the Department of Corrections, ICE Officials, local jailers, prosecutors, judges, and those in charge of youth facilities to act boldly and swiftly to drastically reduce incarcerated populations and put in place aggressive sanitation measures to keep those who remain there safe and healthy. Detention should not be a death sentence.”