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April 14, 2020


The following statement can be attributed to ACLU-KY Staff Attorney Heather Gatnarek: 

“The ACLU of Kentucky firmly believes that crime victims deserve justice. At the same time, we oppose this effort to change Kentucky’s Constitution to include these supposed victims’ rights. The Marsy’s Law campaign is a national effort, backed by millions of out-of-state dollars, that seeks a specific list of changes to state constitutions that undermine a bedrock principle of our legal system: the presumption of innocence.  

Marsy’s Law uses inconsistent and confusing language that would create significant unintended consequences. We know this because other states that have implemented Marsy’s Law have faced many challenges, including a lack of transparency in the justice system; unlikely groups, like police departments, claiming victim status; and astronomical implementation costs. 

Kentucky voters previously weighed-in on Marsy’s Law, but they weren’t given complete information on the ballot about what this change to Kentucky’s Constitution would mean. With the additional information now available, we hope voters will reject this measure.”  

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