The ACLU-KY Internship Program aims to provide professional development opportunities, thoughtful mentorship, and energetic supervision while providing the organization with a top-notch class of interns from diverse backgrounds and experiences to bring programmatic support to its work.
In order to maintain a quality experience for each internship experience, the following components will be included across types of internships: a learning plan to detail learning goals and objectives, invitations to organizational and public meetings, regular supervision and feedback, and an exit interview.

A full description of each internship opportunity is available under separate cover.  The ACLU of Kentucky offers the following internships:

The primary goal of the ACLU of Kentucky internship program is to provide a quality training experience where participants can earn academic credit or gain experience to complete a professional program. Where allowed, participants may receive a nominal stipend at the completion of the internship.  The amount of the stipend will vary depending on the duration of the internship and whether the internship is being completed as part of a high school, undergraduate or graduate/professional program. Please refer to the specific internship of interest for details.  Stipend levels for the shorter winter term internship will be pro-rated to ⅓ of the rate below.

Current Stipend levels are:
Graduate/Professional Student or equivalent - $750 per semester
Undergraduate Student or equivalent - $500 per semester
High School Student or equivalent -  $250 per semester

General Application Deadline:  Please refer to specific internship of interest for details. Note, the deadline for applying for the Legal Program Summer Internship differs from those listed below, and interested individuals should refer to the internship description for the application deadline.

Fall Semester: Application Deadline July 1, Internship Offered by August 1
Winter/Spring Semester: Application Deadline November 1, Internship Offered by Dec. 1
Summer Semester: Application Deadline April 1, Internship Offered by May 1
Wedekind Fellowship:  Application Deadline September 10, Internship Offered by October 10

Internship Application: For all positions, please fill out the ACLU-KY Intern Application.  Please refer to specific internship area of interest for additional application requirements.

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