This year marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of ACLU-KY’s Reproductive Freedom Project (RFP). We've been celebrating with special events and programs throughout the we’d like you to join our online celebration!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for weekly “Throwback Thursday” posts honoring big moments in RFP’s 25 years, and highlights from the broader reproductive rights movement in the commonwealth. Reproductive freedoms in Kentucky wouldn’t be what they are today without the people and events depicted in these special photos from our archives.

For a quarter of a century, RFP has been working to ensure the protection of reproductive rights for all Kentuckians. RFP’s advocacy, litigation, and public education work has helped ensure that Kentucky women have access to safe, legal abortions, as well as contraception.

You can find our special #RFPat25 posts each Thursday through the week of the annual, fall RFP Benefit in September (save the date for Saturday, September 6th). In the meantime, we hope you’ll click, share, like and retweet our posts in celebration of this milestone anniversary.