***Update 2/29: Kentucky Senate passes SB152 32-4.  The measure now heads to the House for consideration.***

A Kentucky Senate Committee sent anti-abortion measure SB 152 to the full Senate for consideration.  SB 152 would force a doctor to perform an ultrasound prior to an abortion and require the doctor to give a mandated, detailed description of the fetus, regardless of the doctor’s medical judgement. Mirror bills have been found unconstitutional in multiple federal courts.

Derek Selznick, American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky Reproductive Freedom Project Director, had this comment:

"Today this Committee has taken steps to force both doctors and patients to comply with the will of lawmakers rather than medical expertise or personal choices for care. It's an alarming overstep by lawmakers that not only opens the door to further meddling of the Government into private healthcare matters, but opens the state to lengthy, expensive, and based on other states' efforts, ultimately fruitless legal challenges. Despite the wishes of some in Frankfort, Kentucky women will continue to seek their medical advice and care from healthcare providers and not agenda driven politicians.”

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