House Bill 304 is a bill that restricts the ability of educators to properly support students and encroaches on students' right to privacy. The bill:

  • requires school personnel to notify parents within two days if the student assets a gender different from their sex assigned at birth, or requests or receives health or mental health services related to sexual conduct or behavior, sexual orientation, or sexual identity.  
  • requires school districts obtain specific parental consent prior to every well-being questionnaire, assessment, or health screening given to a child for research purposes.  
  • does not require school personnel or students to use any individual’s preferred pronouns if they don’t conform to their biological sex.  
  • prohibits teachers from disciplinary action for declining to address an individual with a pronoun inconsistent with the individual’s biological sex. 
  • prohibits students from receiving instruction that studies or explores gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.
  • allows any parent may provide written notice that a specific topic conflicts with the family’s religious or moral beliefs and cannot be taught to their child. 
  • allows parents to bring suit for any violation of this Act, and employees found in violation shall be disciplined by the state licensing board. 
  • explicitly allows employees to participate in student-led prayer (including before sporting events).

Bill Movement:

Introduced: 1/18/24

Passed Committee: N/A

Passed House or Senate: N/A

Accepted by House or Senate: N/A

Passed Committee: N/A

Passed House or Senate: N/A

Sent to Governor: N/A

Action by Governor: N/A


S. Baker, J. Tipton, C. Fugate, T. Truett


S. Baker, J. Tipton, C. Fugate, T. Truett




Kentucky General Assembly 2024

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